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Experian is a worldwide information services group with operations in 40 countries. This company employs 17.000 people with corporate headquarters in Ireland and operational headquarters in United Kingdom, US, Brazil and Costa Rica.  The company’s principal lines of business include credit services, marketing services, consumer services and decision analytics. Experian collects information on people, motor vehicles, businesses and also insurance. Experian also collects lifestyle data from both online and offline surveys. This company has provided services in Latin America, North America, UK, Ireland, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe. Experian will report its financial performance across these regions. All of the activities in these regions are also grouped into 4 principal lines of business. The Experian customer service phone number is 1-888-397-3742 and all of the customers can have their all queries answered by contacting this phone number.
Experian can help businesses around the globe by preventing fraud, focus on marketing offers and automate decision producing. Experian supports customers across many various markets, including monetary services, direct-to-consumer, retail, telecoms, automotive and more. Markets are in no way stand still, specifically in an age exactly where developments in technologies mean trends and channels to market change quickly. Additionally we realize that customers change, be it their circumstances, needs and preferences, the stations they use, or their buying behavior. Rivals change; they change their offerings and their target segments, and this can effect their market presence.Continue reading


CenturyLink is actually an American multi-national company in the field of communications which is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. This company provides data and communications services to business, residential, governmental and wholesale customers. Centurylink is a member of the S&P 500 index and this company operates as a local Internet service provider and exchange carrier in American markets. Besides, Centurylink is the third-largest telecommunications company in America in terms of lines served, behind Verizon and AT&T. Moreover, Centurylink also provides long distance service for all customers. The Centurylink customer service number is 800.954.1211 for phone services (24-Hour Repair and Tech Support) or 800.247.7285 for internet service.

The original forerunner of CenturyLink Company was the Oak Ridge Telephone Company in Louisiana. This company was owned by F. E. Hogan. In 1930, he sold the company to William Clarke and Marie Williams for $500. At that time, the company had 75 paid subscribers. In 1946, Clarke McRae Williams, Williams’ son, had received rights of the family’s company as a wedding gift. In 1947, Clarke learned the telephone company in Louisiana was for vending. With a credit from business relation, Clarke bought the Marion Telephone Company and ultimately made it his base of operation as he grew his company through more possessions. Now, CenturyLink maintains its offices in the previous head office building. The company continued as a family-operated business in anticipation of it became integrated in 1968.

CenturyLink provides data and voice communications along with television and home security services. The company’s local and long distance voice communications is known as POTS. The company’s data communication is through Metro Ethernet, DSL, ATM, MPLS, and Frame Relay over copper DS-3/T-1 lines and fiber optics. CenturyLink also provides a fiber-optic based IPTV service called “Prism TV” in select markets. In several areas where Prism TV is not available, the company partners with DirecTV. Formerly, this company offered Dish Network bundles to their customers. Centurylink also provides bundling with one of biggest providers in U.S namely Verizon Wireless. In 2014, CenturyLink had reported that they had almost 200.000 Prism TV subscribers.

CenturyLink Fiber is a service in America that provides broadband Internet and Prism TV to a small and growing number of areas. This service was initially introduced to Omaha, Nebraska. Then, this service rolled out to Las Vegas, Nevada with plans for expansion to some other markets. Nothing like the company’s presented high-speed Internet operations, CenturyLink has installed their fiber optic cable all the way to the home or business with speeds up to 1.000 Mbps (download) and 1000 Mbps (upload) using Calyx Optical Network Terminals. In 2014, CenturyLink proclaimed the accessibility of Gigabit fiber service to multi-tenant businesses in Salt Lake City and nearby communities. Later on, CenturyLink proclaimed the development of its gigabit fiber service to other 16 additional markets.

Century Link Area

In terms of data center, CenturyLink presently operates 55 data centers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. This is apparently the second largest retail collocation provider in America. The company is now constructing three brand new data centers in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Irvine. For the organizational structure, the combined company’s 37-state service area is now organized into 5 regions and each region is led by a president. The president is responsible for customer retention, revenue, service delivery and customer satisfaction throughout their local markets. The regions are Eastern Region, Midwest Region, Central Region, Northwest Region and Southwest Region.

CenturyLink has several venues namely Arena Boise Idaho (previously Bank of America Centre and Qwest Arena), CenturyLink Center Louisiana (previously Bossier City Arena and CenturyTel Center), CenturyLink Center Omaha (previously Qwest Center) and CenturyLink Field Washington (formerly Seahawks Stadium and Qwest Field). CenturyLink Arena Boise or CenturyLink Arena is a multi-purpose arena that can hold 5000 fans for ice hockey, 5300 fans for basketball, 6800 audiences for concerts and 6400 for boxing. Besides, it contains 4508 permanent seats and it was built for about $50 million. This arena has been home to the Idaho Steelheads ice hockey team, the home of the Boise Stallions football team, the home of the Idaho Stampede basketball team and the home of the Boise Burn football.

Centurylink provides AutoPay Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Funds in the precise amount of the monthly bill will be automatically withdrawn from the savings account or the checking you designate around 18 days after the bill date. This payment option is also available in Credit or Debit Card. Funds in the precise amount of the monthly bill will be automatically charged to the credit or debit card you designate around 5 days after each bill date. Right after the customers register for AutoPay, they will receive an e-mail to confirm their enrollment. Their first automatic payment will occur 1 to 2 billing cycles later. The customers will receive an e-mail to notify that their next payment will be automatically deducted. Furthermore, EFT payments will be deducted from the customer’s checking or savings account around 18 days after their bill date. In addition, the credit and debit card payments will be charged within 5 days after the bill date.

CenturyLink has a local exchange carrier called the CenturyLink Operating Companies. For your information, CenturyLink is the third largest landline telephone company in America. CenturyLink operating companies comprises operations inherited from a variety of predecessor companies. This company is reflected in the opposed names of the companies and incompletely overlapping service territories. All operating companies do business like CenturyLink. Those predecessors are CenturyTel which is formerly a corporate name of CenturyLink, Embarq which is the former landline operations of Sprint Nextel and Qwest Communications International which is the inherited operations of the former Bell System in several western states.

Apart from contacting the Centurylink customer service number, customers can use the online tools to manage their account online such as viewing account details, viewing current and past bills, setting up Autopay and paperless billing, paying bill or schedule payment, viewing orders and having local phone service repaired. Additionally, customers can Activate all Online Services which include email checking, antiviral software download, Microsoft productivity tools access along with web hosting and email boxes management.



Expedia Canada

Expedia is one of the biggest online travel companies in the world and it has a wide-ranging brand portfolio which includes some of the world’s foremost online travel brands. In terms of investors, Expedia is apparently a leader in a $1 trillion travel industry that exhibits strong offline to significant global opportunities and online trends. The main mission of Expedia is to modernize travel through the power of technology. The head quarter of Expedia is at 333 108th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. The Expedia customer service number is 1.425.679.7200. The values carried by Expedia are Passionate, Innovative and Enterprising. The company is passionate about travel and it is a company of travelers who come to work day by day with passion to make travel better. Expedia use collective intelligence to invent technology and also create products to make simpler and develop travel for all of the customers and partners. Moreover, Expedia relentlessly seek out opportunity, act with purpose, take risks, and work together in order to find a way to get the job done.Continue reading


EPPICard which is made by The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is specially designed for those unemployment civilian to get their benefit payment trough their bank account. The purpose of the car is to reduce the use of paper check; using EPPICard gives more convenient access to its owner, because your money will be transferred less than 72 hours. You can also send the money to another account for free of charge; this card will also help you to get merchant sale. Besides, the ATM can also be used at any type of ATM and Visa® bank.

  • How to contact Indiana EPPICard phone number

Basically there are only two possible accesses in contacting the Indiana EPPICard costumer services; by calling the customer service phone number and by sending an email trough eppicardhelp@gmail.com. If you plan to contact the organization through its phone number, you might need to wait for more than 30 minutes and more. Since the number is used as the main entrance for those who want to ask any question regarding their product and services.

You might call them on 888-393-5866 for more information. To get through the customer service, you need to call the number and press one, then one and then one. Press 4 if the machine is giving you an optional, which is followed by pressing ss#, dob, and pin before pressing 2 to get through the customer service. Those are the basic approach to get through their professional costumer service, but people are often feeling dissatisfied because the number is always busy with clients.

  • Contacting Indiana EPPICard when you are out of the US

You need to remember that the number that you need to call will be different when you are out of the US. You might use to call Indiana EPPICard through its 888-393-5866 when you are staying in the US, but if you are out of the US; you need to call 210-334-6615 for their services.

Knowing the number of Indiana EPPICard costumer service is considered as necessary, because you can inform any type of dissatisfaction and lost. The number is available for 24 hours for 7 days a week, even though most of the time; they will be busy with clients. Indiana EPPICard phone number is your open access to change the pin of your ATM, to ask the transaction record of your account, to report your stolen card, and many more.